Omarion talks undisturbed about new book

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Omarion is ready to share his personal journey to self-confidence with the world. Fans may know the Grammy-nominated singer from his B2K days and, of course, his success as a solo artist, but there’s another side people have yet to learn about.

For the past two decades, Omarion has dedicated his life’s work to a music career. He is currently working on his next album, Full Circle, which is expected to be released later this year, along with other TV and film projects that will take him into his mogul era. Balancing that responsibility, fame and fatherhood hasn’t been without its challenges for the singer, including dodging negative gossip and public feuds. But Omarion deftly poured all of those experiences and then some into his insightful literary debut, Unbothered: The Power of Choosing Joy.

“To put my journey into context and place it in a place where it can be used for other people’s experiences is an amazing thing.”

Omarion began work on his latest passion project in 2020 during the second Millennium Tour, which he headlined. Over the course of a year and a half, he crafted his self-help book — which he calls a “power tool” — comprised of poignant, never-before-shared stories, mantras, and philosophical techniques that have grounded him in his mindfulness journey. Omarion’s consistent ability to remain calm, cool and composed when faced with public adversity is hard to overlook, and now the singer offers an intimate look at his secretive approach.

If you’re looking for details about the drama involving Omarion’s former bandmates – Lil Fizz, J Boog and Raz-B – or his falling out with his children’s mother, Apryl Jones, then Unbothered isn’t the book for you. It’s quickly apparent that Omarion’s latest offering isn’t a B2K tell-all, nor is it a deep dive into his romantic relationships. According to him, Unbothered is not an attempt to “make people look bad or bad,” but a multi-faceted spiritual guide that reveals how he learned to control his emotions and find mental clarity while searching for joy seeks.

“At this point in time and in life, so many people are dealing with challenges and the conversation has shifted to mental health and awareness. Within my own challenges to get to a point where I have been able to use the yoga system, spirituality, breathwork and affirmations, these are all things that have helped me grow through my challenging times and to remain elevated,” he tells POPSUGAR. “To be able to give context to my journey and place it in a place where it can be used for other people’s experiences is an amazing thing. My boy , Nipsey Hussle said: ‘The supreme human act is to inspire.’ So inspiring people has always been a part of my journey.Breathwork, affirmations, journaling and asking myself if certain things are serving me or not has been an amazing tool that I know is useful for people, who are looking for it, something else would be very useful in their life – something more, something better.”

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Omarion admits “Unbothered” is a playful inversion of the title fans gave him for his measured reaction to the “very public humiliation” he endured with his former bandmate and the mother of his children. As he reveals in the book, like many other events in his life, their relationship pushed him further down his path to a more relaxed life, but they also gave him a better understanding of who he is.

“It actually gave context to an attitude that I’ve taken my entire life, which is to be undisturbed,” he says. For Omarion, that doesn’t simply mean having a casual attitude: it means maintaining a lifestyle that requires a lot of inner work and emotional intelligence. “Being unconcerned is reacting instead of reacting, and what a powerful thing in life that is,” he adds. “Certain things happen for us and not for us, and it would be up to us to take that position to stop when we’re going through challenges and actually think about what we want to do and be thoughtful. This serves us more than just reacting. So being calm means really creating a balance for yourself.”

“I am bringing these very personal stories, which I have not shared publicly, into this book to give context to the journey of things I have had to face.”

Unbothered weaves countless anecdotes, diary suggestions, motivational quotes and breathing exercises throughout the text, but the book’s soul lies in Omarion’s deeply personal stories. Without going down a rabbit hole, the singer digs up just enough examples from his own life to bring home the valuable lessons he hopes to teach others. From the family-oriented principles he learned from his grandmother to his role as a father to his exploration of celibacy, Unbothered shares everything Omarion hopes to encourage people to make the lifestyle changes they see fit .

“Being an entertainer, growing up in the public eye and having my fair share of things and narratives being published to be able to give context and also to stand up for myself and my journey and tell a different side is important to me . ” he explains. “I am echoing these very personal stories, which I have not shared publicly, in this book to provide context for the journey of things I have had to face… to be able to be candid about these Speaking things is something that has been so necessary to me, and to be completely frank with you is how this book manifested… For someone like me, all my trials and tribulations have manifested in a tool that I don’t just use and reuse, but also that I could share with the rest of the world.”

Unbothered is not a book that you can just flip through. It’s a keepsake, as Omarion puts it, that readers can go back to when they need to hold themselves responsible for the kind of life they want. “Therefore, the diary prompts [and] those difficult questions to ask yourself in order to create a space of wholeness and peace for yourself,” he adds. “I really want people to be undisturbed. I want them to understand the philosophy and I want them to choose joy.”

According to Omarion, his grand purpose carried him through his spiritual awakening and “always ended up supporting and protecting me.” Through honesty and accountability, he has mastered what it means to be private. Looking back on who he was before his journey of understanding and the advice he gave, Omarion says, “I would say to myself, just be yourself. Be uncompromisingly yourself and keep growing.”

Unbothered: The Power of Choosing Joy by Omarion ($23) is available now in stores and online.

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