Playboy had “shadow mansions,” claims Hugh Hefner’s BFF’s daughter

In the latest episode of Secrets of Playboy, disturbing new allegations have been leveled against Hugh Hefner and his associates.

Jennifer Saginor, 51, claimed Hefner’s friends and associates created “shadow mansions” to reportedly lure young women into sexual abuse.

Saginor grew up at the Playboy Mansion during her prime with her father, Dr. Mark Saginor – nickname Dr. Feelgood for his reportedly casual use of his prescription pad – on who spent 40 years as Hefner’s doctor, best friend and rumored lover.

Hugh Hefner smiles in his iconic red velvet robe
Women claim Playboy had a network of “shadow mansions” as small versions of Hefner’s house.
Dan Tuffs

She described the alleged “shadow mansions” as mini-replicas of Hefner’s infamous Holmby Hills home, where his inner circle invited and housed women who were “seven” or “eight” and just missed the cutoff to make it into Playboy create.

“By shadow mansion I mean that these men in Hef’s inner circle would try to emulate what he created in his own empire at the Playboy Mansion,” Saginor shared.

“And they would have smaller versions of the Playboy mansions, which I would call mini mansions. They would host these young girls who came to Los Angeles looking for opportunities to be actresses or models.”

The former Playboy Mansion resident, who moved in when she was 6, said she was moved to her father’s “shadow house,” where she claims she saw constant predatory behavior and sexual abuse.

Jennifer Saginor grew up in the Playboy mansion and "shadow mansions" from the age of six.
Jennifer Saginor grew up in the Playboy Mansion and the Shadow Mansions from the age of 6.

“My dad and the Playboy inner circle made smaller scale copies of the Playboy Mansion to kind of lure these young girls in. It was very predatory. These young girls have no idea what will hit them next,” she claimed.

Playboy Mansion colleague Jackie Hatten claimed the men got her drunk as soon as she walked through the door.

“The experience I have had at the mini villa parties is that I walk right in and all the men come up to you and offer you a line of cokes or a bowl of ecstasy. If you refuse them, they’ll try to shove champagne in your face,” Hatten claimed.

Saginor said she was “horrified” by the alleged scenes of sexual abuse she was subjected to, claiming some “girls were clearly drugged and not coherent” and videotaped for blackmail “not to tell anyone.” say or that they would somehow fall into this subterranean system of availability.”

“Basically, every powerful, wealthy man in Los Angeles who was on the guest list to attend the mini-villa parties got the opportunity to hang out with certain girls. “Spend time with her” is code for “Have sex with her”. I think a lot of the girls stayed in the mini-villa system because they were afraid of being blackmailed with videotapes,” she claimed.

Hugh Hefner is with his longtime doctor, best friend and alleged lover Dr.  Pictured Mark Saginor and two young women
dr Mark Saginor lived at the Playboy Mansion with Hugh Hefner and a rotating list of young women before founding his own “shadow mansion.”
Businessman Bernie Cornfeld is surrounded by several beautiful young women
Businessman Bernie Cornfeld allegedly ran a modeling agency to lure beautiful young women into his “shadow mansion.”

Alongside her father, Saginor claimed that businessman Bernie Cornfeld owned a “shadow mansion.”

Playboy photographer Sharmagne Leland-St.John claimed that Cornfeld lured and brought women into his home by claiming to run a “modeling agency.”

“Bernie, he used to sneak around at night. He snuck into the dormitory and had sex with the girls there. I realized that the modeling agency had apparently espoused Bernie’s sexual appetite. So if you moved into the house, you became prey. You became one of his next conquests,” said Leland-St. John claimed.

The “shadow houses”, “mini villa parties” and their hosts were obviously inspired by the Playboy Mansion and its chief honcho.

A former frequent guest at the Playboy Mansion, Rachel Myers, said, “The mini-mansions were similar parties to the Playboy Mansion parties on a smaller scale. I would see the same guys in the mini mansions that I would see in the Playboy Mansion.”

“So I think there was definitely a learned behavior from the villa to the mini-villas. These men have some ideas on how to manipulate women,” Myers claimed.

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