Robert Pattinson didn’t fit in with his buddies after “Twilight.”

Jamie Dornan and Robert Pattinson’s decades-long friendship continues to this day.

The ‘Fifty Shades’ star, 39, was responding to claims Pattinson, 35, made earlier this month about receiving “pity invitations” from Dornan and his housemates – the now super-famous crew of Andrew Garfield, Charlie Cox and Eddie Redmayne would have.

Dornan quipped to Entertainment Tonight at the 2022 Critics Choice Awards on Sunday that the ‘Twilight’ actor is in a different league than he and his friends because of his fame from the vampire romantic drama.

“Invite pity? No. I think with Rob it’s always been like he’s had some early success, so we kind of said, ‘Is he really a good fit for us?’ Because we weren’t working and he’s working all the time,” Dornan said. “He was doing ‘Twilight’ and suddenly he was in a different stratosphere than us.”

He continued, “We kind of haven’t caught up, but we’ve all started to work more consistently, but yeah Jesus, we’ve known each other a long time.”

At the March 1 premiere of “The Batman,” Pattinson noted to ET that he shared a block with the foursome early in his career. He stated that his roommates would skip him and go to events without him.

“They were all roommates, and I was kind of the last one invited,” Pattinson said. “I was invited later. There’d be like a slice of pizza left and I’d be like, ‘Are there any for me?’”

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Robert Pattinson in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 (2012).
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The first film in the Twilight franchise was released in 2008, with the fifth and final film released in 2012.

In a separate interview on the Critics Choice Awards red carpet, Dornan also joked that Pattinson was invited to parties because he was the only “handsome” member of the Friends.

“We never left him at home. Why would you leave him at home? He was the handsome one,” the former model told Access Hollywood. “He got us all in. He gave us all the attention. He was too successful for us early on.”

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