Sharon Osbourne wanted to put CBS on the air because of racism

Sharon Osbourne is still furious over her ordeal at CBS – and claims she resisted the temptation to deliver a slurring tirade against the Tiffany Network live on air when she was accused of racism, according to a new Fox Nation documentary.

Sharon Osbourne: To Hell & Back, debuting on Fox News’ streaming service September 26, reveals Osbourne’s thoughts on her career and her unpredictable departure from CBS, where she co-hosted talk show The Talk.

The outspoken Brit, who is married to rock star Ozzy Osbourne, left the show in March 2021 after defending Piers Morgan’s scathing criticism of Oprah Winfrey’s interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Morgan was slammed for saying he doesn’t believe a word that comes out of Markle’s mouth after she said palace insiders had spoken out about the skin tone of her then-unborn child – claims unchallenged by Winfrey.

Sharon Osbourne turned off the camera while discussing her time at CBS.
Sharon Osbourne turned off the camera while discussing her time at CBS.

Osbourne defended Morgan against suggesting he was a racist on a March 10 show. Things quickly got ugly after co-hosts Sheryl Underwood and Elaine Welteroth suggested Osborne’s defense of Morgan himself might be racist.

“I wanted to look at the camera and say, ‘Fk you, fk you, fk you, fk you, and CBS take that,'” Osborne said while turning the camera off in an interview with Fox Nation.

She continued: “But I couldn’t do that. Can you imagine if I did what it would have done? It would have been suicide for me to do that, but that was what was in me. And I honestly wanted to say, ‘CBS, fuck yourself.’

Sharon Osbourne
Osbourne has been accused of being racist on air after defending Piers Morgan for his comments on Oprah’s interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.
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Shortly after, Osbourne issued a public apology, but the network later said that Osbourne’s combative approach during the show “didn’t match that.” [its] Values ​​for a respectful workplace.” She resigned soon after and received a payout worth about $10 million, Page Six reported at the time.

In the Fox series, Osbourne again defended Morgan.

“Piers is not a racist, never wrote anything racist, never said anything racist,” she said. “And because you disagree with someone, it could be an alien. They could be purple, pink or blue. If you don’t agree with them, don’t agree with them. That’s all.”

TV personality Carrie Ann Inaba and actress Constance Marie are co-hosts "The conversation," Wednesday, November 21, 2018
TV personality Carrie Ann Inaba and actress Constance Marie guest star together on The Talk in 2018.
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She also slammed CBS for calling her a racist. “I had this anger in me for CBS,” Osborne explained. “You sowed the seed, now I have to live with it. Because once you plant the seed that someone is a racist, whether you are or not, that lives with you.”

The former host also recalled the show’s aftermath, recently exclusively telling Page Six that she believes a CBS exec prompted her former co-hosts on “The Talk” to put them through a traumatic on-air ordeal to punish them for being disloyal to the network.

Osbourne in the Fox series
Osbourne recalled the aftermath of her defense of Morgan, which ended in her resignation.

The Fox Nation documentary also examines Osbourne’s upbringing in the music business, her early success in the industry, her marriage to Ozzy Osbourne and her rise to fame.

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