Sunny Hostin blames Donald Trump for attacking Dave Chappelle

According to the women of The View, Donald Trump’s presidency unleashed a shockwave of violence.

Following comedian Dave Chappelle’s shocking attack on Tuesday, host Sunny Hostin blamed Trump for triggering a spate of brazen attacks, claiming he “incited some rudeness” across the country.

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg prompted Hostin’s allegation during Wednesday’s episode, asking The View panel, “What do you think is happening? I mean, it happens on planes, it happens on street corners.”

In response to Goldberg, Joy Behar first went on to offer a litany of compounding factors: “The pandemic, the opioid crisis, the fact that Trump was out there saying things like, ‘Just flip ’em. I promise I’ll pay for his attorney’s fees when he barked.”

She was likely referring to a 2016 Trump rally in Iowa, where the candidate urged voters to get on the defensive — and on the offensive.

Sunny hostess
The View host Sunny Hostin called former President Donald Trump the catalyst behind a spate of brazen attacks and claimed he had “unleashed some rudeness” across the country.
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“So if you see someone willing to throw a tomato, slap the shit on them… I promise I’ll pay the legal fees. I promise,” Trump said at the time.

Behar added that the moment Will Smith slapped Oscar presenter Chris Rock onstage “was the highlight, if you will.”

However, Lindsey Granger – a guest co-host on the ABC talk show – dismissed Behar, insisting: “This is not a political thing. Come on.”

“I know you want to put everything in politics – this is really about safety,” Granger added. She went on to say that there was nothing “particularly right-wing” about Smith’s slap during the March 27 ceremony.

“It hasn’t happened before,” Behar shrugged.

“I think Trump unleashed a certain rudeness, at least in our country,” Hostin said.

David Chappelle
The 48-year-old comedian was not seriously injured in the attack.
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Granger returned to Chappelle and claimed that nobody knew anything about the attacker’s motives.

Behar concluded the exchange by noting that “the population today lacks some level of impulse control.”

Chappelle wasn’t seriously hurt — and apparently wasn’t particularly shaken either — after a man attacked the 48-year-old entertainer during his performance at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. Police reported that the suspect in custody, Isaiah Lee, 23, was carrying a replica handgun with a blade inside at the time.

It’s still unclear what inspired the attack, the LAPD said, but they found the attacker, a rapper, had recorded songs in praise of “my president” Trump.

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