The Hanson singer asked the crew to pull her now-wife out of the crowd of fans

In a mmmbop she could have been gone.

Isaac Hanson, 41, insisted there was “a connection” between him and his now-wife Nicole Dufresne when she was in the crowd at a performance by his band Hanson in 2003. The two only met because he asked a stage manager to hold her back after the show so he could introduce himself.

Isaac said he “sang her the entire show” and threw guitar picks at her – which probably “freaked her out,” he admitted.

Shortly after the 25th anniversary of Hanson’s debut single ‘MMMBop’, the Band of Brothers are once again making the rounds as they promote an upcoming world tour coupled with the release of their 11th studio album ‘Red Green Blue’.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac recently spoke to Yahoo! British podcast host Kate Thornton from ‘White Wine Question Time’ which aired on Thursday.

In a cheeky segment, the group used the metaphorical meaning of their first hit — an allegory for Carpe Diem — to reference times when they’ve “seized the day” in the past.

The interview took a slightly awkward turn when she asked the brothers about their wives.

“Isaac, I was really won over by the story of how you met your wife. You saw them – did I understand that correctly? – in the crowd at a gig and you knew there was a connection, there was something,” Thornton asked the oldest member of the band.

“They went to the stage manager and said, ‘You have to stop her going,’ and that was the start of a very happy marriage and a beautiful family,” she continued.

“Over time, it’s bold, it’s bold and it’s honestly inspirational,” Thornton sneered before goading the other siblings to spill.

Isaac and Nicole Dufresne married in 2006.
Isaac Hanson and Nicole Dufresne married in 2006.

Isaac replied, “I think that as a whole I’ll take the cake. It was, in a way, both the most stubborn moment and the bravest moment… I had to make an effort.”

Zac, 36, threw in a clarification: “You know, what people might not know is that Isaac met his wife by saying to the stage manager, ‘Hey, this girl — I have to meet this girl.’ ”

Thornton said: “It sounds dingy to be honest. It doesn’t sound…I’m struggling to make it sound romantic.”

It turns out all three fans they met during the shows got married – with middle brother Taylor and youngest Zac, both of whom found love in 2002 during a Hanson gig at a Macy’s in Georgia.

The debut single from Isaac and his brothers "MMMbop" turns 25 so the family band is once again making rounds while promoting an upcoming world tour coupled with the release of the 11th studio album. "red green blue."
Isaac and his brothers’ debut single ‘MMMBop’ has just turned 25 and the family band is promoting their 11th studio album ‘Red Green Blue’ and upcoming world tour.
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“Let’s simplify it,” pleaded Taylor, 39. “We met her on a tour in Atlanta, and yes, Isaac technically met our two wives first.”

The presenter joked, “Honestly, I’m starting to smell some kind of Netflix series here.”

In an attempt to untangle this tangled web of wives, they went on to explain that both Taylor and Zac discovered their future spouses when the two women worked as models. Isaac then recalled prompting the women to say hello to his two younger brothers.

He then ruefully admitted that Dufresne was probably “kind of freaking out” about his aggressive actions. “My wife is quite an introvert, and I think she was a little down because I was so high — like, ‘Hey, we should hang out, we should do some stuff, I’m only here for so long.'”

Nevertheless it worked. Isaac and she married in 2006, followed by Zac and Kathryn Tucker later that year. Meanwhile, Taylor married Natalie Anne Bryant in 2002. The three brothers and their wives share a group of 15 cousins.

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