The illusion of a “giant lamp” causes a short circuit on the Internet

This is the advanced algebra of optical illusions.

On a web saturated with optical illusions, we might have found an eye anomaly: this eye puzzle depicting “giant lamps” short-circuits people’s brains, with some puzzle fans claiming they walked off staring at it like “idiots” without a lightbulb. The illusion reportedly first appeared on Facebook Marketplace but was reposted on Reddit, where it’s going viral.

“How big are those Facebook Marketplace lamps?!” is the description of the ophthalmic Rubik’s Cube, which appears to depict two giant lamps sitting like oversized lawn ornaments in someone’s yard.

Spoiler Alert! The correct answer will be revealed later in this post.

Needless to say, this stunning eye exam had users fumbling around like a moth smashing into a lightbulb.

“This is one of the most compelling illusions I’ve seen in a long time,” exclaimed a stumped visual voodoo Redditor. “It’s taken me long enough to figure it out.”

“I’m at work staring at this like an idiot – just found out,” wrote another, while a confused puzzler quipped, “I don’t think I ever understood it, I just accepted that they were huge.” was.”

“I still don’t get it haha,” said another.

In case you’re still stumped, the answer is that the lights are actually dangling from a wire in the foreground, but are shot at such an angle that they look colossal.

As one Redditor explained, “It’s also the depth of field and the fact that everything seems to be in focus at the same time. I can’t tell if it’s intentional, accidental, or just a newfangled camera phone gimmick.”

Another said the “slight abrasion at the bottom of the bell” helped maintain the illusion that the lamps were in the grass.

“There also seems to be a processing algorithm that creates a dark line at the edges of the lamps that reads like a line of shadows on the grass,” another online illusion luminary theorized.

“I think if OP had cut off the bodice and cut the wire out of the photo I’d still be trying to figure it out right now!” gushed another.

This isn’t the first optical illusion to have social media scratching their heads. Earlier this month the internet blew a collective seal over some advanced eye roglyphs that are said to only be able to be solved by 1% of people.

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