The Kath & Kim home in Australia is actually being demolished

This house is timeless on TV, but is reduced to rubble in the material world.

Demolition has begun at the location where Australian sitcom Kath & Kim was filmed. While the two-story home in the comedy series – which ran from 2002 to 2007 – is in the fictional suburb of Fountain Lakes, it was actually located at 4 Lagoon Place, Patterson Lakes in south-east Melbourne, the Guardian reported.

Construction workers have already begun bulldozing the storied property where characters Kath Day-Knight and her daughter Kim acted out four seasons of shenanigans to adoring audiences Down Under, where it achieved Friends-level fame. Dig Dig Demolition company confirmed to Guardian Australia that the four bedroom house is actively in the process of being demolished.

“We’re in the legendary ‘Kath & Kim’ house, it’s beautiful, it’s different, it’s unusual, this is the living room where the foxy ladies sat and watched TV,” says reporter Brendan Crew in a tour of the partial dismantled house delivered social media On Monday. “So many TV memories. Everything will be demolished to make way for a new house.”

Demolishing Kath and Kim's house
American audiences disliked a US adaptation of the sitcom, which was a smash hit in Australia.
Facebook/ Kath and Kim
Demolishing Kath and Kim's house
A local reporter recently walked through the partially demolished house.
Twitter/ @10NewsFirstMelb

The property sold for $1.48 million in November 2016, nearly a decade after the show aired, according to the Guardian.

News of the house’s demolition came the same week that rumors surfaced that the series would be rebooted some two decades after its original run concluded.

“It was inconceivable that neighbors could keep the biggest TV secret for much longer,” an insider told Woman’s Day magazine, adding that an official announcement will be made before the end of the month, the Daily Mail reported.

However, as recently as last May, show actress Magda Szubanski said she didn’t approve of the idea or reboot of the popular boob-tube hit.

“I think it should be off the table … It holds such a special place in people’s memories,” the 61-year-old comedian said in an interview. “‘When we did a live show that was a ‘best of’ or something like that, it’s different. But to actually try to do a whole new series, I think you can never recapture that magic.”

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