The sex goddess “Giantess” has fans who want her to stomp and eat her

She gives to the fans big bang for your buck.

OnlyFans model Jess Switch, 33, makes a whopping $50,000 a month as a “giant” teasing and delighting her followers by pretending to be a sexy giant who puts her whole body in her mouth, between her buttocks and between her 38DDD pushes breasts.

“They like the thrill of me looking huge and they feel tiny and not knowing what I’m going to do next,” Switch, from Alberta, Canada, told Jam Press of her more than 3,000 crazy peekers.

“Some people want to dream of being trampled or sat on,” she continued. “But sometimes they want to be picked up, teased and then crushed, especially between my buttocks or breasts.”

The curvaceous cyber siren first joined OnlyFans in early 2020 as a content creator, hoping to earn some extra cash after quitting her job at a warehouse.

Switch says her followers enjoy the thrill of watching her pretend to crush, stomp and eat them.
Switch said her followers enjoy the thrill of watching her pretend to crush, stomp and eat them.

But her success as an online seductress skyrocketed when she began exploring the rare sexual kinks — like macrophilia, representing a fascination or sexual attraction to giants — that arouse her OnlyFans fanatics.

“Being funny and sexual is seriously overlooked,” said Switch, who often films herself with an iPhone camera, which she places on the floor to create the illusion of monstrosity.

“I’m always interested in where those kinks come from,” she added. “And the giantess fantasy is usually about the idea of ​​total devotion.”

“They like the thrill of knowing I look huge and making them feel tiny and the uncertainty of what I’m going to do next,” Switch proclaimed.
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while he catches her fee-fi-fo-fum Footage for fans that lasts about 10 to 12 hours a day, Switch uses tiny human figures as props and pretends to trample on them, sit on them, or eat them – a kink known as swear.

“In one video I bought a tiny figurine of a less than 2.5 cm tall man and threw it in my mouth and pretended to swallow,” she boasted. “In other videos, the fans want me to crush them, so I stomp, stand or sit on my phone.”

And through her iPhone — which she admittedly once cracked while crushing the device with her luscious body parts — she fulfills a set of specific giant fantasies for Behemoth buffs.

The fiery redhead incorporates small figurines into her clips to create the illusion of her size.
The fiery redhead incorporates small figurines into her clips to create the illusion of her size.

“I definitely have the curves to be able to stick a whole camera up my cleavage or butt, so that’s another aspect of the fantasy that I can really bring to life,” Switch said of her buxom physique.

“Once I made a video for a man who wanted me to destroy everything but him – his office, his house, even his gym,” she recalls. “Then I picked him up and put him in my bra and told him I was going to keep him like a pet.”

However, she insisted that her bawdy brand isn’t just about taking money from people with an elephant fetish, but also aims to improve men’s mental health.

Switch says some of her fans have enjoyed the mental health benefits her online content delivers.
Switch said some of her fans have enjoyed the psychological benefits of her online content.

“It sounds cheesy, but I have a special connection with my fans,” Switch said. “I have a few that I never talk to about anything sexual — a guy just sends me stupid dad jokes or we exchange pictures of our pets.”

She believes her service as a sexy confidant helps her male fan base on their individual personal development journeys.

“These are fun, kinky, romantic people, and if they can be with me, they can be with someone else,” Switch said. “Improving men’s mental health benefits everyone — including women.”

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