The Vow season 2: trailer, plot, release date

HBO’s “The Vow” returns for a second season, and the official trailer, which aired September 22, reveals that it will pick up where the first season left off: delving into the downfall of the NXIVM cult after revealing his filthy inside was working.

The streamer first confirmed that a second episode would be coming in October 2020 after filmmaker Jehane Noujain teased the possibility to Variety, saying, “We’ve reached out to everyone involved – a lot of people from all sides of the story – and we’re continuing to film .”

The second season will be titled “The Vow Part Two” and will focus on the federal trial of NXIVM founder Keith Raniere. Raniere was arrested in March 2018 on multiple charges including racketeering, sex trafficking and conspiracy to engage in forced labor. He was convicted in June 2019 and sentenced to 120 years in prison in 2020. Several other members of NXIVM — including Allison Mack, co-founder and president Nancy Salzman, and financier Clare Bronfman — have also been indicted. Mack pleaded guilty to racketeering charges in April 2019 and was sentenced to three years in prison in 2021, while Salzman received three and a half years and Bronfman received six years and nine months.

The second episode will also feature the return of season one whistleblowers such as Bonnie Piesse, who told POPSUGAR in June that despite being a “private individual,” she felt it necessary to tell her story. “We really wanted people to better understand how this happens and that it’s everywhere,” she said. “And we had a very strong urge to stop Keith Raniere from doing what he was doing and that just seemed like a big way to try that.”

Check out what we know about the show’s plot, trailer, and release date ahead of time.

“The Vow” Season 2 Trailer

“The Vow” season 2 teaser

Content of the second season of “The Vow”.

According to HBO, the second part of The Vow will follow the “legal and emotional journeys of the group’s founders, supporters and defectors” and promises to uncover “new evidence and startling revelations.” It will follow Raniere’s federal trial and will focus on NXIVM’s inner circle, including Salzman, and explore the aftermath of the group’s collapse.

The Vow season 2 release date

“The Vow” Part Two premieres October 17 on HBO.

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