TikTok star’s pajama preference reveals ‘sociopathic tendencies’

This TikTok user is living the denim dream.

A woman named Julia K. Crist has revealed a tidbit of herself in a viral video that has stunned fans.

In the clip, Crist joked that her big secret isn’t that she’s an “axe murderer” — it’s that she loves sleeping in her jeans.

“I can’t believe I’m baring like this,” she captioned her clip.

And she was exposed.

Her comments section was divided, with some people declaring that they’re doing something similar and others belittling her choice of sleepwear.

“Thought I was the only one,” one wrote, while others agreed, offering, “sleeping in jeans really isn’t that bad tbh 😳😂” and “I’ve found my people.”

“I don’t even like wearing jeans during the day,” one person countered, while another explained, “Those are sociopathic tendencies. It’s not OK. lol.”

Some simply referred to the jeans fan as a “criminal” and expressed extreme shock: “Oh damn girl! I can’t look at you right away.”

dr Alyssa Dweck, an ob/gyn from New York, discussed whether sleeping in clothes is the safest way to get the needed eyes closed in an interview with Metro last year.

“Severe chafing” can occur, she said, adding, “I often tell my patients to sleep without underwear.”

Dweck explained that when the genital area is “constantly covered — especially with a fabric that neither wicks nor absorbs moisture — moisture builds up, creating the perfect breeding ground for bacteria or yeast.”

Infections from ingrown hairs can also occur, and she suggested women should wear more comfortable clothes when they go to bed.

“If there’s ever a time to break out of granny panties, it would be now,” she said.

tick tock
Crist revealed her biggest secret on TikTok in a video that recently went viral.

However, for men who go on cue for a few zzzs, sleeping in underwear is a worse route.

dr Brian Steixner, now co-director of urology at AtlantiCare, found that male underwear sleepers are at higher risk of chafing and developing fertility issues.

“Your nether regions need to be at just the right temperature to optimize sperm production,” he told Metro. “More bacteria increase the likelihood that chafed or irritated skin down there will become infected.”

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