Tim McGraw falls off the stage in skin-tight jeans

He may be “humble and kind,” but during a concert in Arizona, Tim McGraw was shaky and unsure.

The 55-year-old country music superstar fell off the stage while performing at Boots In The Park on Saturday.

The now-viral moment happened as he walked to the bottom of his catwalk, knelt and raised a hand at the guitarist, who was in the middle of a solo.

When the ‘1883’ star tried to get back up, his blue jeans proved too tight as he couldn’t get up. Eventually, despite a solid effort to regain his balance, he fell backwards off the stage.

Luckily, security was able to help cushion his fall, and McGraw played it up like a pro, saluting enthusiastic fans around the barricade – some of whom grabbed the cowboy’s biceps and back muscles.

Tim McGraw falls off the stage
Security guards helped catch McGraw when he hit the ground.
Uh oh: The 55-year-old lost his balance trying to sit up from a lunge.
Uh oh: The 55-year-old lost his balance trying to sit up from a lunge.

“When Tim McGraw’s skinny jeans are too tight to stand up. he just falls down and salutes the crowd…” one user wrote on TikTok.

McGraw isn’t the only artist to have recently fallen on stage. Also on Saturday in St. Louis, Post Malone injured three ribs when he stepped into a hole – designed to lower his guitar – that was uncovered.

Tim McGraw performs during the Windy City Smokeout on August 5, 2022 in Chicago, Illinois
Tim McGraw played it like a pro and used the fall to greet the fans in the pits.
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He took a 10-minute break to get medical attention and then came back onstage to wrap up the show.

“We just got back from the hospital and everything is fine,” he said in a post-show video. “They gave me some painkillers and everything so we could keep kicking ass on the tour.”

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