Twitter is going wild for Joe Biden – the Spider-Man villain

He is a super villain – not only in the eyes of many conservatives.

Marvel fans are losing their minds on Twitter after learning of an obscure Spider-Man villain who shares a name with the current US President.

“I’m crying why the hell is Joe Biden a Spider-Man villain.” wrote a stunned Spider fan in a tweet with more than 120,000 likes. The fan also added a Wikipedia page for the minor league villain, whose name is actually Joe Biden.

The President’s doppelganger, whose villainous alter ego is named Spectrum, first appeared in Peter Parker No. 1″ in 2010, when the real Biden, 79, was US Vice President under Barack Obama. The page even includes an outdated disclaimer to warn readers that the web-slinger’s nemesis “is not to be confused with Vice President Joe Biden.”

The wiki page for Spectrum aka Joe Biden
The wiki page for Spectrum aka Joe Biden.
Twitter / @ThatBmanGuy
Fans were shocked by the discovery.

According to the site, Spectrum also appeared in Volumes 11 through 14 of Peter Parker and also had a cameo appearance in Dead Man Logan Vol. 12.

Needless to say, Spider-Man fans couldn’t believe their two worlds had collided in such a bizarre way.

“Today I found out that Joe Biden is a Spider-Man villain. lol,” said a stunned poster on twitter, while another tweeted“Joe Biden really hates Spiderman.”

Joe Biden's debut in "Peter Park No. 1."
Joe Biden’s debut in Peter Parker No. 1″.
Twitter / @ThatBmanGuy

One superhero fan even posted Spider-Man panels Joe Biden’s first appearance in “Peter Parker No 1” in which Spidey demands that the villain reveal his identity.

“Yo, Mr. Invisible, I don’t even know your real name!” Spider-Man exclaims, to which Spectrum replies, “It’s Joe! Joe Biden! But you can call me ‘Spectrum’! “

Some hopeful twitter Users even asked Sony when they were making a Joe Biden movie.

President Joe Biden speaks on the White House complex in the South Court Auditorium on May 10, 2022 in Washington.
President Joe Biden speaks in the South Court Auditorium in the White House complex May 10 in Washington, DC.
Some hopeful Twitter users even asked Sony when they were making a Joe Biden movie.
Some hopeful Twitter users even asked Sony when they were making a Joe Biden movie.

Of course, there was plenty of right-hand web-slinging as well.

“How bad is Joe Biden you ask? Well, he’s a Spider-Man villain.” shot a slanderer during another wrote“Even Spider-Man can’t stand this guy.”

“He’s a villain on this earth, too” joked a critic.

Coincidentally, Spider-Man also featured another character directly inspired by Joe Biden named Joe Biden Jr., who appeared in several Spider-Man comics after his debut Amazing Spider-Man No. 683.”

“Biden was present in Italy when world leaders met to deal with Doctor Octopus,” his wiki profile reads. “He witnessed the person posing as Al Gore being debunked and revealed to be a chameleon.”

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