Two radio stations are still playing Christmas music

For these two radio stations, Christmas isn’t just a holiday — it’s a state of mind.

U.S. radio stations 92.7 FM in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and 1230 AM in Gainesville, Fla., have been playing holiday music non-stop for the past five to six months since the start of the 2021 holiday season, reported Friday.

Stations have been known to extend their Christmas music playlists well into the New Year, but this year reportedly marks the longest Christmas music streak to date – and the second year in a row that a radio station has celebrated Christmas well into March.

The radio industry news site added that 92.7 FM lost its flagship mark last fall when Sabatino Cuppelli’s conservative talk “Nooga Radio” switched to 96.9.

Meanwhile, the Gainesville station is reportedly embroiled in its own ownership battle, which court records say the seller is charging with racial discrimination.

The Post reached out to radio station owners and operators for comments on its ongoing Christmas programming, although its subsequent switchover may be a clue.

Last year, 100.9 in Richmond, Virginia, kept the holiday spirit going through March 4th, just before rebranding as a classic hits radio station.

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