If there is a problem of stomach gas or acidity, then in summer, consuming the things mentioned here can do wonders for you.

This fresh natural drink has cleansing properties that help in flushing out the toxins from your body.

Milk absorbs the acid in the stomach. Prevents heartburn in gastric system. Drink a glass of plain cold milk in case of acidity.

Milk products (except paneer) such as curd and buttermilk can also help in relieving acidity.

Banana - It is the best antidote for heart burn. The potassium present in banana produces mucus in the stomach, which lowers the pH level in the body.

Melon, watermelon are rich in anti-oxidants and fiber. Which help in protecting against acid reflux and other stomach diseases.

Mint not only helps in digestion but also cools down your entire system. Provides relief against acidity.

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