Maddie Ziegler:Dance Moms Reality Series Star Photos

Maddie Ziegler goes to the debut of 'West Side Story' in Hollywood, California

The Actress putting on cosmetics during an episode of 'Dance Moms'.

Maddie Ziegler in a still edge from the 2017 film 'The Book of Henry'.

The Actress shows up for the LA debut of 'Contribute Perfect 2' 2015

Maddie Ziegler shook a Tommy Hilfiger LBD at the WSJ Magazine 2017 Innovator Awards

The Actress and Sia present together at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards

Maddie Ziegler went to a screening of 'The Duff' in NYC in 2015

The Actress wonderful examined green at the My Friend"s Place 30th Anniversary Gala in Hollywood.

Maddie Ziegler pauses dramatically at the Love Leo Rescue second Annual Cocktails for a Cause occasion

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