Uma Thurman was crowd spouse and hopeful entertainer Mia Wallace in 'Pulp Fiction'.

John Travolta put his moving shoes back on again to play Vincent Vega in 'Pulp Fiction'.

Samuel L. Jackson was assassin Jules Winnfield in 'Pulp Fiction', for which he acquired an Oscar gesture.

Bruce Willis played maturing fighter Butch Coolidge in 'Pulp  Fiction'.

Maria de Medeiros' job as Fabienne.

Christopher Walken was at that point a legend when he showed up as Captain Koons.

Tim Roth played one portion of the gun cheerful couple 'Pumpkin' and 'Honey Bunny'.

Ving Rhames was the man in control as wrongdoing top dog Marsellus Wallace in 'Pulp  Fiction'.

Harvey Keitel played 'cleaner' Winston Wolfe in the film.

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