For nearly twenty years, McMahon and his family have been regulars on American television. While WWE has been featured on national television for a considerable amount of time, there are still many events that the WWE Universe is not aware of.

Numerous footage of his speeches show him giving his speech in Hindi, yet it was written in Urdu so he could read it.

During his time as Prime Minister, there were rumors that Gah was employed by the Pakistani government as a diplomatic tool.

Vince McMahon had shown an interest in returning to the land of his birth, but with relations between India and Pakistan so tense, this was not possible during his presidency. 

Vince McMahon Sr. established the foundation for his son to build a worldwide powerhouse in the sports entertainment industry. Find out who Vince was before all the imitators!

Vincent James McMahon sold the World Wrestling Federation to his son Vince and his wife Linda in 1982. When McMahon Sr. took over the book from his father, Jesse McMahon, he also took over the promotion.

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