What else is hidden in this optical illusion with tropical fish?

There’s something pretty fishy about this optical illusion.

In this aquatic puzzle, a hidden object is hidden in the image of what appears to be a tropical fish.

The illusion is part of a series by the artist Johannes Stötter, who is known for his elaborate body painting.

The self-proclaimed “body painting shaman” is also known for using animals as subjects for his paintings.

[Warning: Spoilers ahead]

The fish is actually a model whose arm covers her face!
The fish is actually a model whose arm covers her face!
Johannes Stoetter

As indicated above, the image below actually shows a colored fish painted on a human body.

A YouTube video posted by the artist shows how he managed to make the model appear as an aquatic animal.

If you’re having trouble identifying the person in the photo, Stötter advises viewing the image from the side. The model sits with her knees to her chest and her left arm wrapped around her head simulating the head of a fish.

Stötter has several other body art based illusions with animals such as an owl, a parrot, a butterfly, a turtle and – his most famous work – a frog. The 2013 viral artwork required five models to perform.

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