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‘Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer’ to win the heart of Steven McBee by beating 17 other women. Find out all about the Golden Bomb Shell here!

Steven McBee, Aka Sacha ‘Jo Millionaire’, made his final choice on the season finale of the show. Fall for Steven, 27, a farmer and CEO Kayla Jackson And they are still together. He passed on the contestant Anne Jorgensen To build a relationship with Caleh that hopefully goes a long way. After the final broadcast, the couple said Hollywood Frog Their relationship grew stronger, especially when Calah visited Steven’s hometown of Galatin, Missouri, and met with his family.

“I saw and she was satiating my brothers,” Steven said. “They were giving him back. They were playing beer pong. I was like that then, well, she fits the family so well. That is for sure, “he added. Kelah told us, “It felt very natural and normal. I didn’t have to deal with it whenever I was with his family. It reminded me a lot of my own family. ”

Now this season The millionaire: for rich or poor Finished, learn more about Steven’s winner, Kayla Jackson.

Steven and Callahan
Steven McBee and Kayla Jackson on Joe Millionaire (Photo: FOX)

1. Kaila is a project manager.

Callahan’s career was listed as a project manager during his time on the Fox Reality series. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Also, she is officially dating a millionaire!

2. She is from Texas.

Calais’s hometown is Dallas, Texas. He has posted photos of Lone Star State on his Instagram. After their relationship was made public after the finale, they mentioned their home states (Texas and Missouri) in the caption of a photo of a lovely couple shared by Steven. “Texas girl and a Missouri guy ਨਹੀਂ not doing very well @calah_mack – we made it!” He wrote.

3. She is active on social media.

Kailah mostly posts from her Instagram account, calah_mack. IG has over 22,000 followers. Kailah looks gorgeous in all the photos she posts. She is usually the only one in the snapshot, although now we can expect to see Steven pop up in her IG feed. Also on Calah’s TikTok, where he has less than 1,000 followers. His social media following on both platforms is growing due to his time Who is a millionaire.

4. He is in sports.

Some of Kailah’s IG posts show that he is super sporty. He posted a photo of himself on a golf course in Grapevine, Texas in May 2021. She also posed for photos on the tennis court in August 2021 and stood in front of a basketball hoop in an arcade in October 2021. He was joking. “I mean when I say I play basketball,” he wrote of the latter photo.

Kayla Jackson
Cala Jackson on Joe Millionaire (Photo: FOX)

5. Keilah and Steven left together.

The couple told HL that they left together after the show. “We bought a house. We are closing it by the end of March. It’s actually in Kansas City, “said Steven. But for now, the couple is living in Steven’s hometown of Galatin, Missouri, with a population of less than 2,000. “I like it here. That’s fine, “said Kalah in an interview. “It’s a big change of pace for me. I’m from Dallas, so it’s a little different for me.

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