Who is Saoirse Ronan dating?

One topic of conversation you’ll never hear Saoirse Ronan talk about is her love life. The actress – who won over fans in 2017’s ‘Lady Bird’ and 2019’s ‘Little Women’ – is very secretive when it comes to revealing details about her romantic relationships.

Only one of Ronan’s suitors has been confirmed – although it wasn’t her who spilled the tea. Ronan and fellow actor George MacKay reportedly began dating while filming their 2013 film How I Live Now. The film’s director, Kevin Macdonald, confirmed in a 2013 interview with the Irish Mirror that its two leads had “fallen in love”. “What happened throughout the film, and I hope I’m not speaking inappropriately, is that they fell in love with each other and it was very easy,” he said of Ronan and MacKay. “It was Saoirse’s first real boyfriend and in a way I think she went through the same thing that the character is going through.” Ronan has never publicly addressed Macdonald’s comments.

Interest in Ronan’s love life increased after she and her Mary Queen of Scots co-star Jack Lowden were spotted getting cozy in 2018. “May I ask if you’re dating the person everyone thinks you’re dating?” A reporter from The Telegraph investigated Ronan in 2019. When Ronan said no, the reporter poked back, “I’m not allowed to ask you or go You not dating him?” to which Ronan doubled down with “Just no”.

For his part, Lowden has also not commented on the status of their alleged relationship. During an interview with ES Magazine in 2019, the “Dunkirk” actor said he wouldn’t discuss his love life after being asked if Ronan was the woman a twitter post from him. “I don’t like to talk about that side of life,” he said.

Since then, however, Ronan has made numerous appearances on Lowden’s social media. He even showed off Ronan’s look at the 2019 Met Gala. “Met Gala Casual,” he captioned the photo. Aside from the photos of the two out and about, these brief glimpses of their life together on Lowden’s social media are the closest fans have come to confirming that they are indeed a couple.

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