Will there be a sequel to The Woman King?

The Woman King is currently the #1 film at the box office and Viola Davis is celebrating its success. After the film grossed $19 million in domestic sales during its opening weekend on Sept. 16, Davis recently told Variety that she “never had any doubts that ‘The Woman King’ would land because it landed with me.”

Davis plays General Nanisca in The Woman King alongside John Boyega (King Ghezo), Mbedu (Nawi), Warren (Ode), Sheila Atim (Amenza), Hero Fiennes Tiffin (Santo Ferreira) and Jayme Lawson, who plays The Woman Of King Ghezo. “It’s an undeniably powerful story,” she said of the Gina Prince-Bythewood-led project, which was inspired by the true events unfolding in the 19th-century Kingdom of Dahomey. “We know black women. We know they bring people they work with, spouses and families, and they will come back five or six times over the weekend. We operate in an industry that doesn’t see the power of black women in the global box office.”

Given its box office success, we have to ask ourselves: will there be a sequel to The Woman King? There are currently no plans for a second film, but Davis is “totally open” to the idea. Davis’ husband Julius Tennon, who also stars in the film, told Variety, “Well, you know, it feels like we can [do a sequel]. We haven’t had any discussions about it yet.”

Davis added, “I’m open to more, but let me tell you. I was already the oldest warrior on the battlefield. If we do a sequel, I hope I still have teeth [laughs], but yeah, I’m totally open to it. wide open. Always.”

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